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Apply For A Trip

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Hope Venture team members will be required to go through some pre-trip training.  The pre-trip training will be online information to read through and some pre-trip meetings.   Proper documentation and immunizations will also be needed.

Team members will be responsible for all financial obligations.  The APPROXIMATE cost of each trip is $3,000.  This cost will not cover any passport or immunization expenses, but it will cover your visa cost and all trip expenses.  You can contact us if you have questions or need assistance.  NO deposit is required at the time of application.  $2,000 should be raised by the time overseas flights are purchased.  The final payment will be due two weeks prior to departure.

We hope to have a great time.  Team members should be ready to interact as a team and work to get along well.  In stressful cross-cultural conditions it is important for people to be prepared and humble to work together.  It should be noted that while team members can be accepted at various points of their spiritual journey, The Hope Venture will be seeking to honor Christ.  This means that team relationships ought to be handled with love, kindness, integrity and appropriate moral behavior.  It also means that team leaders will seek to follow Christ, will pray together with you, and the entire team will interact with many of our Christian partners and pastor friends.  We pray that you would have an awesome trip, that God would change your life through it, and that many people overseas would better understand the love of Christ because of your time there.

Lastly, it is a lot of work for a small organization like The Hope Venture to send people overseas.  It is our hope that if you like what you're involved with that you would return to the states with an even greater hunger to help and become an advocate for our cause.  We love what we do and we hope you will love being a part of helping lives find hope with us! 

Text Ben 402-730-4347 or Cynci 402-802-8296 with any questions!